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Admitted, the KTEB had preferred Kurtis Trent instead of Carter Bell ;) But we’re happy to see such diverse cast and are looking forward to a great game with a classic Tomb Raider atmosphere this winter!

6:49pm August 31, 2014

we already had one uh 

4:04am August 29, 2014


So how come Erik Selvig gets to be in the Avengers movies but not Jane and Darcy?  ‘Cause I really want to see Jane and Bruce and Tony all science-fangirling about each other.

3:36am August 29, 2014

here bully by doubleleaf


here bully by doubleleaf

7:46pm August 28, 2014


I love the Black Widow and I love Scarlett Johansson, but if the marvel writers are going to make a spin-off movie for that character, there is absolutely no way in hell that they can justify not making a Loki movie, with Tom Hiddleston because, let’s be honest, the immeasurable ideas and twists and plots you can get with just that one little character are infinite.

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'Thor 3' Movie Spoilers: Cloned, Robot Version Of The God Of Thunder Could … - Enstarz



'Thor 3' Movie Spoilers: Cloned, Robot Version Of The God Of Thunder Could
Depending on how the robot Ultron will be in the next Avengers movie, the third installment in the Thor franchise could feature a cloned, robot version of the God of Thunder that could bring destruction to Asgard. Will Odin Perish, But Help Thor Save Asgard In …

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